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September 18, 2009
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The Snitch by jeepie The Snitch by jeepie
Ahh almost missed the deadline! *falls over*

Alrighty, My entry for the "9" movie contest.

The Snitch was created for the purpose of gathering enemy information without detection . Agile and quick on his feet, his structure is perfect for creeping around dark alleys or a human hideout. Created in the image of a domestic feline, leaping over fences and creeping arcoss roof tops comes easy. A light weight makes him quick on foot while large reflective eyes give him a unique night vision to help out in retracing steps or to find a small entry into a building.
However while in the proccess of being created, too much data reguarding cats was inputed into the system, giving this little guy a playful and frisky personallity. His favorite past time enjoyment is to play with little mice or balls of yarn.

What was used:
a bendy lamp(tail)
2 different umbrellas(legs)
3 spoons(helmet)
a fork with 3 tips(one hand)
a roasting fork(other hand)
a wide arange of different sized wired
two truck light covers(eyes)
A lego toy(pelvis)
two small sweing spools
a couple safty pins
string from a belt
one of my old clocks that broke (gears seen in chest + legs)
Tones of little pieces that go in circuit boards (thanks you dad!)
Hanging light cord wire
a necklace
a small chain
some pictureframe hangers(back toes + front claw)
Ink pen lids (back spikes)
some washers
a couple clamps
random metal items I have no clue what they are and I cant remember what that bendy pipe I used for the neck and spine is called, but I've seen them everywhere. a water pipe?

Most Items where found out in the field by my house and in my garage. Some, like the spoons where bought.(not allowed to use house spoons lol) and others recycled, like my poor clock.
This is so creative and very well put together!!
kittycoyote Sep 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
so cute. in an evil machine kind of way. :D
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